Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cembra pine # 1

This is a cembra pine, also called Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra. it was collected by Robert Barth in the Alps in 2002. I received it in summer of 2007. This sort of quality is extremely rare with this species. The crown will have to become denser. This is a very slow growing species.


M.A.D said...

Although I did not understand anything , But I enjoyed in your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

I know you have said before you don't really believe in drainage layers, so is the charcoal just to lighten the pot or for another purpose? Thanks.


Don McCarthy said...

What a fabuolous beast -- I could see its potential from the first foto and you did not disappoint.

Is that charcoal in the pot in the foto that is seventh from the last? If so for what purpose?

Walter Pall said...

Charcoal is the cheapest and lightest substrate to fill voluminous containers.


eric said...

VERY nice!

Shaukat Islam said...


I watched with amusement, seeing the first pic, thinking what possibly you would do with this stock.

But when you posted the subsequent pics, I could realize what a stunning tree it was transformed into.

The tree is so interesting, that there are more than one options to choose the front (although difficult to assess from photos being 2 dimensional).

Which side/pic would you finally opt for the 'front'?