Sunday, August 9, 2009


These two lilacs, Syringa vulgaris, were pruned ruthlessly today. In three weeks there will be new growth and they will look fine. These two will not have flowers next year. But they will have a more compact and better ramified crown.


Anonymous said...

Is it not too late to prune trees now in our area? And if not which trees can be treated like this? Maples, lilacs, etc???

Walter Pall said...

This is the very last week when you should prune broadleved trees in our are. I thnk you can do this with most species. Teh next time for pruning is beginning of Ocotber. The reason is that pruning will induce new shoots. These will have until middle of Octiober to mature and hardeen. Then they can survive winter. If you prune later they will not harden. After beginning of Ocotber trees will not bring new shoots this year anymore. So you can cut again.
This is true for Central Europe. It should be true for places which are north of Philadelphia in America.