Monday, August 31, 2009

late summer meeting 2009 #8

Philipp sent me the two images of the result of his demonstration.
Here the progress of the tree:

first image before, May 2009
then Philipp's work in May 2009
last images after the demo.

Philipp did all this without any help from my side. I never touched his work.


Don McCarthy said...

The large new jin is very interesting. Talented young chap indeed.

Legnago Bonsai said...

My compliments to Philip, a good work.
Giorgio ( Mauro's assistant)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for compliments, and also to WPall, my teacher, who made this work possible. It feels good to be his pupil, and it is an honour for me.
Philipp Reinfurt

Anonymous said...

you can see David`s styling:

go to 2007 > August > David styles the large literati spruce