Sunday, August 23, 2009

European black pine #1

first image June 2008.
Then today. After plucking all old needles. One can see the progress in one year. And one can clearly see the effect of my new BIOTREECLEANER.


Tom Kruegl said...

What is biotreecleaner?

Walter Pall said...

BIOTREECLEANER is a new procuct that I have developed. You apply it with a thick brush onto the whole tree including all deadwood, bark, branches, even little branches. It will do very little to no harm if some gets onto needles or foliage. It kills all algae, moss, it desinfects everything, it kills critters like aphids and scale and it seems to kill fungus. It takes off all old dirt. Black andn grey trunks become brown, deadwood looks like real wood and not painted like with lime sulphur. I am still in the trial phase. A few bottels will be available in a week at my Late Summer Meeting.


Anonymous said...

Walter, Have you made produced this solution for retail? I'd like to experiment with this if it's available.

Walter Pall said...

I sell this stuff. BUT I DON'T SEND! Absolutely no sanding. You can buy this from me in person. And not outside the Eurorpean Union.