Sunday, August 16, 2009

pondersoa # 5

Because it was such fun here is the next one. The first two images are as of January 2008. The next ones are from August 2008. As always, ponderosas look terrible after first styling on a photopgraph. Remember this if you see images form demos and wonder why the tree looks so untidy. One year late one can see the quality. Another shohin ponderosa. I love them.


Don McCarthy said...

Very nice -- how do you get the nice green needles? Just heavy nitrogen fertilising or some secret? The foliage usually looks greyish to me in habitat -- I know it is healthy but I prefer green.

Walter Pall said...


very well drainign substrate, agressive watering all over the tree every day, agressive feeding with lots of nitrogene, chemical throughout the woole vegetation period every ten days and twice a year organic (chicken grit), full sun. So everything contrary to what they told you.


AJ said...


a few quick questions:

-is chicken grit, just organic chicken manure?

-in an unrelated post you mention that the fine peat (vs. rough peat) is very bad to use. Why is that? poor drainage?


Walter Pall said...


chicken grit is chicken sh..t. You can also take some cow do or guano or anything that smells badly.

Fine peat is mainly dust and thus counter-productive. It will cause poor drainage and aeration.
While peat is organic and we do not want organic components in our substrate it decomposes very slowly. It will take more than five years until peat is decomposed. Then it will be muddy and dust and start to cause problems.