Saturday, January 21, 2017

Colin Lewis about bonsai direction

Read this, it's all worth it:

Colin Lewis

Sunday, January 8, 2017

great aluminum sculpture

How about this naturalistic tree sculpture?
It took almost 400 hours and 50 pounds of aluminum wire.

the artist:
Nzolameso Lungela
born in 1972
lives in the south of Bavaria, Germany
born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Congo
French citizen
works in technical environment
a case of successful integration - bravo!
art at the moment is hobby
He produces wire trees since 2009
Nzolameso has started to do bonsai in1999

The aluminum tree is 80 cm high (32"), 100 cm wide (40"),
weighs 20 kg (40 lb)
Could be shipped to the USA

This piece of art is possibly available. Contact me.

soliciting for some gig in October 2017

I am looking for doing some work in October 2017. I will be in the USA for the weekends October 6 to 8 and October 13 to 15.
At the moment I am looking for some gig(s) somewhere in the time frame of Monday, October 9th late afternoon and evening to Thursday, October 12 late afternoon somewhere in America. It should be in one single area for all three days.
Any ideas out there?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Oriental Hornbeam #64

This tree makes me very happy. One has to consider that it was collected 21 months ago! Let`s see this in twenty years. That was a good end of a good year for me. Happy New Year!

Sylvester walk in Bavaria

This is right in front of my home in Bavaria, Germany

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Japanese apricot #29

In four weeks this tree will have hundreds of blossoms.

Dogwood avaiablle

Dogwood, Cornus mas, collected in Croatia in 2011, very interesting old deadwood, will have 50 yellow blossoms in March, 50 cm high, around 50 years old, available for trade or sale, can be brought to Noelanders Trophy.


Oriental Hornbeam avaiable

Oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis), 30 cm high, more than 50 years old, collected in Croatia in 2011, ideal for Fairy Tale Bonsai style, available for sale or trade, can be brought to Noelanders Trophy.

Wild Plum #31