Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lots of new stones

As many know it is one of my specialties to place trees on slabs. Most  folks use man made slabs because of availability and price. Really good natural stones are very hard to get. I know a source in Germany since many years and I am happy to reveal it now. It is Gunter Maintz , the owner of Eiffel Bonsai in the vicinity of Cologne, Germany who find these stones. They come from a volcanic region. The water at some wells is warm and contains many minerals. When it cools off the minerals fall out and create these great formations over many years. The colors are strong, but not as orange as on the photographs. The structure is unique and very interesting, obviously natural. I love these stones, especially for spruce and pines. Some of these stones are available.

New European black pine, quite promising

This is European black pine, Pinus nigra Austriaca, was collected in Italy  in 2014. It looks very healthy with very good new growth and buds for next year. This is a tree for my taste. It will be great fun to develop this pine. I am thinking of  putting it onto a slab possibly.

New Scots pine

This is a Scots pine Pinus sylvestris, which was collected in Scandinavia in May of 2014. It looks quite healthy now. Next year styling can begin. This tree is possibly avaialble for sale or trade.

Ryan Neil's new website!

Ryan and Chelsea Neil just announced their new website. This sets a new standard!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scots pine #1

The crown was edited -  over one third of the foliage had to go. And then it got wired for the third time. Now I am happy with the tree.