Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mugo pine #36

Mugo pine, Pinus mugo, 35 cm high, over 100 years old, collected in Italy in 2002, pot by William Vlaanderen.

First image spring of 2002


Rick Moquin said...

Like sitting in a recliner, I absolutely love the composition.

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of caligraphy art... it has some mystique about it... beautiful

grts from belgium

Paul Landis said...

Walter--to create the foliage mass---did you work the foliage back over time or did you bend the branches to get the foliage back or a combination of both??? Thanks!!

Walter Pall said...


a bit of both, but more bending. Collected mugos are extremely poor backbudders. In America they have all these garden mugos and they bud back readkily. Not so the wild ones. But there are way, as you can see.


Shaukat Islam said...


Now this is what I would call a classic example of 'art' of bonsai.

Well done, very nice!