Sunday, August 16, 2009

Austrian black pine #8

First image March 2008, then today. What a change! This is very small, only 30 cm long.
Austrian black pine, Pinus nigra Austriaca, collected in Austria in 1995,


achim said...

this is a beauty !
although, on the photo the crown looks a little too "balanced" to me. as if one could remove a little of the lower left branch. the old 2D problem, probably.

Shaukat Islam said...


Very nice styling. We don't grow pines where I live so I don't know much about pine growing.

I presume you have removed all the needles from the branches, before bending, and retaining only the apical needles.

My question is, would these branches back-bud in course of time?


Walter Pall said...


yes, this kind of tree will often backbud. But is is not so easy, usually they do nothing.