Saturday, August 1, 2009

Scots pine in offers

Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, around 50 yaers old, collected in Germany, 70 cm high, pot Korea. This is in the 'offers' section.

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Mr. Pall,

I love how so many of your trees w massive trunks are in such shallow pots. What advice can you give for acheiving such impressive results? After collecting how soon should one wait before making such drastic changes to the root mass?

Walter Pall said...


I often place them into the smallest container right after collecting.

WP said...

I see. When you bring one home and prepare the soil, do you advocate replacing as much of the natural soil as possible with your mix, if not all? I understand the need for well draining soil but i guess i am often afraid to disturb the roots. I've heard that some may even wash the natural soil from the roots and replace 100%. Thansk for the quick response. Great site! I am in Colorado and have collected a few this past spring with Jerry Morris and Larry Jackle whom i beleive that you know. THanks in advance for the advice. ~AJ

Walter Pall said...


you take off as much of the original soil as you dare, but not everything. You then cramp the rootball into the smalles posible container. And then you leave it alone, totally alone, only hefty watering and feeding with lots of nitrogene. Right awayy. If the thing is still alive after two years you take it out and try to remove much more of the original soil and you plant it into an even smaller container. You leave it alone for a few years. Then again, After five years or so you start styling.