Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scots pine #7

'First image 2006
pot by William Vlaanderen, 45 cm long


Ana said...

The pot suggests a 'cast' of the rootball. Is this merely suggestion or were the vessels indeed modelled around the tree (to some signifcant extent)?

Walter Pall said...


I have lots of this kind of crescent pots and stones. I love them and once in a while I find a tree for them. It is the other way round as usually. Most people are in search of a pot for a certain tree.
I think we ought to go new ways with not only tree styling but also combination tree and container. Otherwise we do what we always did. This would not be worth my time.


Ana said...

This sounds unexpected! If I had heard the explanation without the example, it would have sugested some clay sculpture garnished with a tree.

As is, the jolt out of neutrality seems just enough to bond the two - it is harder to think of these 'pots' as temporary, dispoable accessories to the trees, sure that.

Not long ago, I still believed that bonsai was about as innovative as orthodox iconography. Silly that!