Thursday, August 20, 2009

European spruce #34

It's the time to repot spruce now. Here is #34. The wire was taken off and it looks untidy, as expected. A new pot was found by Derek Aspinall. Next summer it will be wired again. In the long run the crown will be slightly more voluminous.

first image 2000
second image May 2009
third today


Nik Rozman said...

Hi Walter,
This is a nice sprouce. But I think the pot is still too big.


Walter Pall said...


this is why I sad that the crown will become bigger. Then the pot will be just right.


AJ said...

At this point in my development as a Bonsai Artist, i have a VERY hard time seeing and deciding what part of the tree to take off. I use a sketchbook to put my vision on paper before i take any drastic measures. Its still very difficult to decide. Any advice?

Walter Pall said...


practice. In the forest look at every tree and try to decide what to take off. You have to do this thousands of times.


Anonymous said...

You say this is the time to repot Spruce. In your region, would this time be considered "late summer" or "early fall" perhaps?

Walter Pall said...


this is late summer.