Sunday, November 1, 2009

pictures by Janez

Yesterday I had visitors from Slovenia here. Janez made a few nice photographs and sent them to me. Thank you Janez.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter
I have 2 things.
1. it is really good to get some of the trees with you in the photo because then we can see the true size of the tree, which is not always easy with a 'mono colour' background. Thank you.

2. Why are you taking the leaves off of the tree at this late stage of the season? It would not help with foliage size why?
Thanx again for your blog and your hard work!

Walter Pall said...


the leaves of this trident would fall off by themselves within the next few days. it wold be normal at this time of the year to have no leaves at all already. I take them off because I want to prepare the trees for winter storage and to take a last good picture before they are stored. Plucking needles now is just for aesthetics and does not harm the tree at all.


AJ said...

Could you elaborate a little on your winter storage technique, specifically feeding and watering ideas?


Walter Pall said...


no feeding from the middle of October to the end of March. Watering when necessary. When you water you water a lot, but the intervals are sometimes pretty long. I speak about winter storage like greenhouse. Those trees which will stay outside are not watered at all, except when it gets warm and dry for longer than two weeks.