Wednesday, November 4, 2009

maple development

This clump of Japanese maple, Acer palmatum, found it's way into my garden in May 2008 (first image). It was quite neglected and I decided to improve it and not sell it right away. Only 18 months later it starts to look really good. Probably I will keep it now. Here you can see the power of sacrifice branches.


Nik Rozman said...

I can't recognize any sacrifice branch power (no effect). But nice development anyway.


Francesco said...

Nik, if you compare the first photo of the tree without leaves and the last one, it is starting to be clear now who is the main tree.

Of course in a couple of years this will be more apparent, but this is a good result in one year only.

I guess next year Walter will repeat the sacrifice branch growing again.


Walter Pall said...


AJ said...

May i ask what is the reason for letting the shoots grow out as you did?

Walter Pall said...


this is called 'sacrifice branches'. you can use the search function in any good bonsai forum and find that is is used to thicken a trunk or branch.


Sebastijan Sandev said...

Walter, I would like to make a comment on this subject, and to get your comment on my comment...
Regarding those sacrifice branches.., you would get a much bigger, dramatic increse in diameter if you let those branches grow without cutting for another season. The diameter of the main tree would than be may be even twice as it is now. But, the main disadvantage is that you will create a BIG scar after removing branches that are left to grow that big and fat, and, probably, the fine growth underneath those hypothetical "two-years-fat-energy-succers" will begin to deteriorate. Am I right?

Walter Pall said...