Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japanese maple improved

Japanese maple, Acer palmatum 'Kiohime', 45 cm high, more than 50 years old, imported from Japan, pot by Petra Tomlinson.
I now overhauled the tree drastically. It seems it had been left as was for the last five years. I think it has a grand future now. In spring of 2011 it might be showable. This tree gives me great joy. I am very happy to be able to care for a Japanese maple of highest quality which is absolutely in the naturalistic style.


AJ said...

COuld you exand a bit on the overhaul? What was the issue with this trees and what was your resolution?


Walter Pall said...


is this not obvious? The tree was just a ball without structure. With foliage a total disaster and without way too dense and no structure. It was just left alone for a few years. Very expensive trees will deteriorate after a few years and often this is irreversible. With this one it is well reversible. The first deed was to plant it into a reasonable pot.


avicenna said...

Hallo Walter,
great work ! and not a "nice bonsai" ;-) ... so as we know you ;-)worldclass and stunning. Respekt for that tree.

Don McCarthy said...

Beautiful -- he looked very hedge/topiary-like before.

Tom said...

I love this one. Thank You for the way You look into trees.

eighto too said...

I appreciate, above all, that you show your tree from more than one angle.
I don't think this has anything to do with your photography, but your ability to create a tree with dignity that can stand alone from any angle.
Most bonsai that look exceptional from the "front" look awkward and haphazard from any other angle.