Thursday, November 5, 2009


trident maple, Acer burgerianum
field maple, Acer campestre,
Japanese maple, Acer palmatum
Japanese maple, Acer plamatum kiohime
Japanese maple, Acer palmatum arakawa shohin


João Santos said...

Hi Walter,
I can see that all maples are completly defoliated. Did the leaves already fall by them selves or was it human hand? If so, why? To preserve energy for winter?

Walter Pall said...


maples do not have foliage at this time of the year in my region. They had some old, not so good looking still and I have carefully taken off everything. This is for them to look good. And they will got into the greenhouse next week. i don't want all these leaves in there.


AJ said...

What have you found to be the best winter temperature range (for maples) in your greenhouse?

Walter Pall said...

minus five degrees Celsius should be then lowest. The thermostate is set at minus 1, but it can get down lower. It should ntot be warmer than 10 to 15 plus. I open the doors whenever the sun is shining. Because of the greenhouse effect it could get over 20 plus.