Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ICHIBAN now available through WP

The brand new tool by Marco Invernizzi ICHIBAN is now available from WP. The box is signed by me. International prices: US$ 350,- in the USA or Euro 300.- in Europe plus sending charges. I will bring some with me on my trip to LA and Portland.

See more: Marco's ICHIBAN page


Ferry said...

I think everyone in Europe will order their Ichiban as an 'International Order', because 350 dollar is about 240 euros (according to CNN 1 dollar is 0,66 euros, or 1 euro is 1,5 dollar). Quite a lot cheaper than 300 euros...

Just my two (euro)cents ;-)


Walter Pall said...


It's very simple. If you live in Europe you pay 300 euro. You just don't get the US$ price.
You would have to travel to America to take it in person.


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this tool? I cannot see the benefit of an angled blade on bonsai shears.


Walter Pall said...

Well go to Marco's site and see for yourself.


Matt Williams said...

What is your verdict Walter, one can assume they have your endorsement but will they be part of your regular kit? Will they replace traditional shears for regular maintainance for you?

Walter Pall said...


sure I use it for all labor where I would have normally used a pair of pointed scissors, a small concave cutter and one or even two wire cutters. Son it actually is 'tool number one' that's what 'ichiban' means.