Wednesday, November 25, 2009

linden styling

This is a linden, Tilia platiphyllos. It was collected in Germany by Wolfgang Kaeflein in 2001. David acquired it and started to work on ti. I inherited it in a trade this summer. Normally I work on such material from March to May. But we are having the warmest November ever with spring-like temperatures. And I can work outside. So I gabe it a go because linden are some of the most hardy deciduous trees. A tree which was wired like this one normally must have good winter protection. But a linden can stand it with some protection, I hope. With more than 600 bonsai there just is no room for winter storage anymore.


Anonymous said...

Hello Walter!

I like your Linden very much. As I have two Linden in my collection I would like to ask you about the soil mixture you use? Any special tricks for the nebari improvement that you use?

Thanks and best regards,

Walter Pall said...

All my tree, world class and junk are in the same substrate. Coarse modern substrate, the cheapest that I can get. So are linden. Nebari: well, that's just gardening over 15 years. It is simple, but it takes discipline. There are no secrets.