Thursday, November 12, 2009

big japanese maple in winter

I took off all the old foliage today. On Saturday everything will go into winter storage.


Ken Krogholm said...

A very harmonious tree. Looks almost 'completed'. Is it a challenge to keep the balance of the ramification so that it will not get too crowded, die-back of inner branches ect.?

Walter Pall said...

Not really, just keep cutting back.


Corey said...

I just came across Vance Wood's critique of this tree on last night. Very beautiful tree, probably the most realistic looking bonsai I have ever laid eyes on.

Richard Green said...

This is a beautiful tree! It looks very much like our native Big Leaf Maple (acer macrophyllum) that grow everywhere in the Puget Sound area surrounding Seattle. It's very natural for them to grow as multi trunks, shooting their trunks and branches high into the air in all directions combining a final rounded triangular shape.The Big Leaf Maple is appropriately named by it's 30+ cm wide leaves. You've matched this tree perfectly.