Tuesday, November 17, 2009

even better virtual of forest

Robert has provided this image. Thank you.


Matt Williams said...

That will be a great improvement; the whole composition becomes much more balanced and the master tree less dominating some how. I think the natural rugged apearance of the slab gives a better context for the forest and the offset to the left harmonises with the aesymetry of the outline. Excellent!

Anonymous said...


maybe I am a nobody who doesnt have the slightest clue of what real top bonsai are, and what it takes to create something like a good bonsai... but I thinkt the feeling one gets from seeing a real astonishing thing of beauty, is just shared amongst all... recognizable, unilaterall... I am blowm away about this thing of beauty... this almost feels like a fairytale, wandering in a forest of hundreds of years old... feeling that amazing pureness of nature, something that surrounds you, a kind of atmosphere... it is something strange. When I look at your creation I get shivers down my spine.

What you created, I cannot fully understand, cannot fully describe the joy I feel, i want to look at it for ever.

I rest my case ;-)

I hope when I'm gone, I get to spend an eternity wandering around in a forest looking just like that...