Tuesday, November 10, 2009

new Scots pine again

This one I got in a trade. It was collected in Scandinavia. this has great potential. I look forward to styling this one. Probably I can start in July of 2010.


Ken Krogholm said...

This scandinavian yamadori scots pine - will it undergo the same treatment and styling techniques as your yamadori mugo pines from the alps?

Walter Pall said...


the techniques will be exactly the same. The form will be very different. I have never seen a mugo pine coming close to this. This Scots pine will be very elegant. I think that many if not most mugos want to become powerful masculine bonsai. Scots pines very often are also styled in that manner because it is mainstream taste; at least in Europe. But I think Scots pines usually have much more talent for and elegant tree. This on will be elegant, I am certain.