Saturday, November 21, 2009

AOB Awards 2009 - the winners are out!

With great pleasure and admittedly some pride I saw the results of the international Art Of Bonsai Project Awards 2009.

See here: AOB Awards 2009

My trident won the Grand Prize - the entry from all categories achieving the highest average score from our esteemed judges.

My spruce on stone won the Best Conifer Award.

And the ezo spruce on stone won the Best Bonsai Landscape Award.

The mugo pine won the third place of all conifers.

The Japanese white pine won the fifth prize of all conifers.

My mugo pine on rocks won the third price of Landscape category.


vasile_laci said...

I congratulate Mr Pall. All copies are great, the prizes are won on the right.

Tom Kruegl said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Walter!

Sebastijan Sandev said...

I am proud Walter. I always knew you're the best.

avicenna said...

Respect Walter!
..., but it was to be expected;-)

Valentin said...

My deepest respect!
Every single tree you entered in the contest is a work of art, and a source of inspiration for others. So we should see it coming :) .
Congratulations and many thanks for all you do in the bonsai world!

eric said...

Congratulations Walter.. VERY fine work!

Неделишки манастир said...

Congaratulations Walter,

your bonsais are really the best in the bonsai world!!! I am very happy that you are so glad with all your trophies, you desaerves it!