Thursday, April 30, 2009

in Harrisburg, PA already

After more than 16 hours on the road and in the air I am in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA already. Here at Nature's Way Nursery I will be very busy. About 60new trees are here and during the next days we will go through them in several workhsops and demos. This will be educational and fun for everyone, including me. Jim Doyle sells the trees, of course, but one does not have to purchase them. Just working with them is already a great experience.
At my gallery in OFFERS and there in American pines and American junipers one can see msot of the trees we are talking about here.

Next week on Thursday I will start to report about this.


Anonymous said...

how long is the demo/expo going on. i am in new jersey and would like to attend. is this possible for me??

Walter Pall said...

There will be workshops and demos until Sunday evening. You can come as silent observer. The trees will be here for much longer as far as they are not sold very quickly. There is considerable interest for the trees. But there will be outstanding collected trees at Nature's Way Nursery all year round.

Walter Pall said...

I am authorized by Jim Doyle to announce that at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, PA everyone regardless of being in a workhsop or not gets 10 % off every one of the collected trees over this weekend until Sunday evening. For regular stuff other than these collected trees everyone gets 20 %. how about that!!!

Anonymous said...

Great demonstration at Nature's Way! The way you approached the Rocky Mountain pine makes me think you must have studied many photographs for quite some time before you made those cuts. Did you?
I am new to this. Thank you and Jim Doyle for the inspiration.(And the wry Austrian humor)

Jason said...

Thanks Walter. Let The Doyle's know the Ohio guys said Hi. I look forward to seeing the pictures.