Tuesday, April 7, 2009

new silver birch

This is a bog birch, Betula verrucosa. They grow in wet areas all around northern Europe. I found this tree in a bog very close to my home abut 15 years ago. After many years in the growing bed I planted it into a container about four years ago. From then on it was the ugly duckling, too large to ignore, but not good enough to put onto the shelves. Today I found that it now is good enough for the gallery.
80 cm high, about 50 years old, pot by Petra Tomlinson.


Milan Domény said...

hi walter! i have problem with my birch. every winter the thinest branches freeze out. every year tree has a good improvement and then at winter all thin branches kill frost. what shoul i do? birch is native european tree, so why it freeze out?

Sage said...

Wow! That is a fantastic birch. I wish more people worked with birches where I live.

Walter Pall said...


maybe you should give it some protection. And it may well be weak. Birches need lots of water evey day and the need strong feed with lots of nitrogene every two weeks. If you don't do this your tree will be weak.


Anonymous said...


I´ve gt a question:
Why do you not wire the branches down like in the nature?

but it will be always a great tree!!

Walter Pall said...

Because bog birches have upright branches in nature. It is not a weeping kind of tree.