Friday, April 24, 2009

here is the super shot


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but I think this shot is not so great. It doesn't look real. It looks like it was digitally "enhanced". Or maybe it lacks depth.

Rui said...


Shaukat Islam said...


Did you ever consider taking a super shot in a rather taller mahogany coloured traditional stand?

My opinion is as the pot itself is shallow, a shallow stand is not doing full justice to this superb tree.

Will you share your thoughts?


Walter Pall said...


sure there are still better ways to do this. Don't forget that I have no help doing the shots. I have to carry the tree without help back and forth. One day I will have the right stand. It is also a matter of buying the stand. Here no one makes big money with bonsai. I am just an amateur.


Anonymous said...

Hola Walter. ¿me puedes decir a que variedad de Acer almatum corresponde este magnifico arbol?.
Muchas gracias