Wednesday, April 1, 2009

new hornbeam and old hawthorn

European hornbeam,Carpinus betulus, shohin, pot by Petra Kriegl. This tree is very early in it's development, of course.
Japanese hawthorn, Crateagus cuneata, waiting to bloom red very soon


Oregon Bonsai Pots said...


This hawthorn is terrible. It is not in vogue with sumo proportions, it appears to have reverse taper in at least two places and that low branch is just too phallic for those of us that are insecure in our appreciation of bonsai.

Spring is just around the corner here - the turkey vultures have arrived. I assume the bonsai vultures will follow.

See you soon.

Walter Pall said...

Good that I offer this hawthorn for sale of trade. Yes, it's ugly. But wait for ten days. It will be full of red flowers all over the place and it will be very nice.


TpaBayFlyFisher said...

I wish I could own it here in the US..............