Friday, April 3, 2009

maples are nice


Dave V. said...

Hello Walter, What type of pruning techniques to you use to promote the fine ramification and small leaves on the first maple. Do you pinch out the central shoot tip before the leafs open or do you defoliate the tree in late spring? Thanks for having this Blog.

Walter Pall said...


I never ever pinch. I thin by and large it is an atiquated method. One is severely weakening the tree by pinching. My method is exactly the contrary. I strengthen the tree. I let the new whoots go out for about four weeks. Then I cut back at the top of the tree to one or two buds. In the middle area I cut back a bit and in the lower region I do nothing. At the end of summer my deciduous tres look funny. The lower parts have long shoots all over. In fall I cut these or in winter. Then the trees look good until May the follwoing yera. I do this over many years. The tree is strengthened and when cuting back it answers with lots and lots of new buds becuase energy is stored plentifully. Anyway, judge the value of my method by loking at my trees and compare them to others.

Another bosnai myth creacked.


Garrett said...

That first maple is such a crowd pleaser. I hate you for having such a awesome tree :)

Shaukat Islam said...


I agree with you pruning/thinning method; is definitely makes sense.

On the trees you caption reads 'Maples are Nice' but I would say your 'Maples are stunning!'.

Your red Acer (virus attacked) would have complemented this thread beautifully. Did the tree finally survive?


Walter Pall said...


the red maple is dead. Such is bonsai life!