Wednesday, April 1, 2009

euonymus and ash repotted

European euonymus, Euonymus europea
European ash, Fraxinus excelsior


Martin said...

Dear Mr Pall,
I like the ash, especialy autumn color. I dont have any in my collection, but I plan to colect one. I want to ask if you found the tree with such a big scar (uro) or if you made it yourself on this tree? I am asking just to find out what is the edge, until what point can I go during making a dead wood on decidous trees, to keep the tree in good condition.

Anonymous said...

Walter, euonymus that the european (indemic) euonymus that you mean? if so, the actual name is euonymus alatus ;)...and, its a beautiful specimen, rarely seen this kind of tree in as good a bonsai as yours...

Walter Pall said...

It seems you will have to buy a new botany book:



So quite the contrary!