Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new pot for myrtle

Thisn is a collected wild myrtle, Myrtus communis. It probaly comes from Italy. The first images are as of July 2008 after I got it. Today I potted it into this most interesting pot by Charles Gluskotter, Oregon, USA.


Anonymous said...

Hullo Walter,
being a big fan of your way of 'demystification' concerning bonsai care I would like to ask: what is it you cover your soils with? From the pictures I can tell it's not the maxit/peat mix. Perhaps fine grained Zeolith which you seem to be using more lately?
Does it mainly benefit moss grow?

Thx and greetings from Hamburg,

Walter Pall said...


actually this is Maxit 102 (also called Fibotherm 102). It is the same stuff that I use in 4 mm grain size, only 2 mm. Available in building supply.
I use it purely for optical reasons. Unfortunaltely moss does not grow well on it.

avicenna said...

Sorry, but i really have to comment on the plant pots you are displaying your Bonsai in...
As I think, they represent the "traditional style" ways too much and do not really do justice to the natural appearance of this wonderful Myrthe and Olive.
I think it´s a pity because their charisma sort of blurres with an trashy impression, so that they don´t really have that much of an impact as they could have.
I dont want to do you any harm with posting this comment, but i hope you take that as a suggestion for your further projects/ arrangements.

kind regards,

Tóth-Szabó Balázs said...

Hello Mr. Pall!
What a great pot! In Budapest/Hungary we've got the problem, that we haven't any professional pottery. We can only order from webshops. Or made byself!
For long time ago I wondering yor trees. I like them very much, I like your own style.
With best regards: Balázs Tóth-Szabó

Paul Landis said...

I think the pot is perfect!!!

Marija said...

In my country Mirtus can only be find in south Dalmatia. I am interested how it will adjust to your climate. I can see that it looks fine after winter (probably in greenhouse?). So I am just wondering why Mirtus is doing fine in your garden and Phillyrea not....

Walter Pall said...


I had it in the house in the pot room. The greenhouse would have been to cold as it can be down to minus 6 ° C.
I really wonder about Phillirea. We'll learn and see.


Andrija Zokic said...

Phillirea certainly was not healthy enough. We may need to repeat the exchange:)
Pot for the myrtle is fantastic. In total harmony with the trunk, which is very rough like texture on pot.

Shaukat Islam said...


Frankly speaking, the Charles Gluskotter pots for the Myrtle and Olive, does not really look nice.

Both the trees are very good material, and a simpler matt pots in grey/brown/sienna shades would have looked so nice.

But then these are you trees, and who am I to complain?


Andrija Zokic said...


I think that such pot also looked good, but why repeat the stories told?