Sunday, April 12, 2009

little lilac got stumped

Ordinary garden lilac, Syring vulgaris, only 24 cm high, shohin - as such an extreme rarity. The tree is quite famous and gives me lots of joy. After many years it seemed too leggy and I decided to cut it back. This looks terrible, but it will bring many new shoots much closer to the trunk as one can already see. This should only be done on a very healthy tree.


Arzivenko said...

Hello, when is spring fo you, here we are at fall. But this year we got a hot and dry fall, with cold (not so much, 10o C) at night and 25 to 30 degrees at day.

I dont know if its a good time for prune and colect trees, but we dont have any dwarf species here, so, if i got a nice native tree, i have to cut it very near to the ground. On spring it is ok, the tree come with new leaves quickly, but now at the fall it is not so fast.

you got anything to say Walter?

Walter Pall said...


I would always cut in spring if possible. Also collecting in spring is better than in fall. But it depends on your climate. You will have to find out for yourself. do you have a raining season? If yes, then cut and collect just before the rain starts.


Arzivenko said...

Well, we got two raining seasons, one in the spring with high temperatures, and one in the fall (just waiting to start) with low temps. The popular knowledge says that the best months to prune and transplant trees are the cold ones. As you say, i will have to find it by myselfe.

Thanks you!