Wednesday, April 8, 2009

maples progressing

Two Japanese maples and one field maple, Acer campestre.


Anonymous said...


when I can make a strange cut?
I will cut the trunk on the half way to top and there is no branch.
Will there come a new bud. May it bleed verry strong?
What shold I do.

Thanks for great blog!

Walter Pall said...

If the tree has healthy strong roots it will certaily throw many new buds from the trunk, even ifg there are not visible buds at the moment.
It may bleed, but bleeding IS NOT HARMFUL. Many peole think the tree will bleed to death, they thing it works like a human being. What you see as bleeding is the water that would havve gone into tzhe parts that you cut off. So nothing is lost here. The 'bleeding' will stop within a few days. Do nothing!! It is NOT necessary to protect the wound. But you can if it makes you feel better.