Monday, April 27, 2009

cherry number 2 from Wolfgang Kaeflein

This is also a wild cherry, Prunus mahaleb. It is enormous. The trunk diameter is about 40 cm. It is almost impossible to carry it without help. I will leave the tree alone for at least one year now.


Matija Triglav said...

Again you are opening my mind. It's happening often that i do see something on your blog what did I saw in nature but i didn't collect. But I see now that I'll must go back there...



Victor said...

Hi Walter,
I have a new cherry stump that has sprouted all over pretty much like yours have. Someone told me I should remove unwanted sprouts and wire the rest while they are young for greater movment before they mature and get stiff.
Would you agree to this and if so, why don't you do it on this tree?
My concern is, since I removed so much roots and branches this year I'm thinking I should let it recover for a season. But will this make the branches harder to develop?

Walter Pall said...


I have repotted the tree. Only one insoult per vegeation period! Since I have repotted it I cannot style it now. Maybe later in August. But the best is to wait until next April. The new growth will be still OK to wire after two years. Only after threes years it begisns to become quite thick and a bit problematic to bend.


Victor said...

Thank you for taking the time to do this! It's really healpfull to be able to read about your projects and be able to ask you questions. I used to wish that you wrote a book but in some ways this is much better!