Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd traditional collected tree learning Woodstock

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This was the second time we have held a series of workshops and demonstrations in spring in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at Nature's Way Nursery. The students can see how we work on very old collected material, how we repot, handle roots, cut back, decide about styling. We discuss artistic and horticultural aspects. the students then can actually work hands on such material. It is possible but not necessary to purchase the trees for the students.
The turnout this time was very good.
Jim Doyle and i have decided to make this a traditional yearly event every year at the end of April. How about calling it "3rd traditional collected tree learning Woodstock"?

The next Woodstock will take place at Nature's Way Nursery in Harrisburg, PA on the weekend April 23/24/25, 2010. From Friday to Sunday we will have ongoing workshops and demonstrations. There will be about 100 collected trees to speak about and work with. If there is enough interest we can also do something on April 21/22 and 26/27.
Anyway the booking has already begun. Just call Nature's Way Nursery: 1-717-545-4555

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