Saturday, May 30, 2009

mugo nr. 26

This is one of my most promising pieces. It is a mugo pine, Pinus mugo, which was collected in Switzerland in 2000. I got it in October 2007 and started right away to work with it since it was untouched since all these years. I brought the foliage all the way down by braking one major branch. Fist three images show what happened in 10/2007. Last year I held my breath to see whether the branch that should form the crown had survived the rude treatment. Well, it did. And today I dared to cut off the part that will not be needed. Now it is obvious what a brilliant piece of material this is. But it was not so obvious when I got it. Otherwise nobody would have parted with it. I am happy he did though. It was a good trade. Guess for whom. Tomorrow I will show further progress.

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