Friday, May 22, 2009

huge spruce casdade

This cascade is coming nicely. Picea abies, collected.

first image today, second fall 2007, third spring 2005


Shaukat Islam said...


I am sure the tree in reality will surely look fine;
but looking at the latest picture (IMO)the foliage looks too dense and heavy to disturbing the overall balance of the composition.

Perhaps a little thinning out of the foliage, creating some space within the cascade, will look good and very natural.

Also some foliage on the upper right side will not look bad either (I like your 2007 pic). I can understand that exposing the stem has added beauty but some additional foliage will not harm the composition.

What are your thoughts and views while styling this tree?


Walter Pall said...

Thia is a good example of judging the tree from a photographa and in reality. I am totylly aware that what you write is what one thinks when seeing the image. Whoever stands in front of the tree in peson is just in awe. It is most impressive and needs very little further development.
The problem with a naturalistic crown design is that it just does not look good on photographs. One totally misses the transparency and three-dimensionality of the crown. In reality the tree is not dense at all; the contrary is true, it is quite sparse. It only looks like that on a photograph.
And then with spruce everything takes ten times longer.


Shaukat Islam said...


Thanks for your valuable inputs.

I too had felt that in reality the tree would look very different.