Wednesday, May 13, 2009

maples and hawthorn

Japanese maple, Acer palmatum
French maple, Acer monspessulanum
Japanese hawthorn, Crataegus cuneata


john j. said...

question for you Mr. Pall.
i aquired 5 gallons of hilo dirt from hawaii.Do you consider this medium organic or inorganic due to its clay like qualities. what would you add to this to make a complete potting soil? and lastly are u apposed to microwave sterilization of soil?

Walter Pall said...


I have never seen or used hilo soil. From what I know it is volcanic and has lots of dust components; thus it is not very well draining. As it is it is not modern substrate in my sense. I would wash or sieve out dust components by all means.
Sterilizing soil is total nonsense. Soil has to live. There are millions of fungi and bacteria in the soil and they HAVE to be there!!