Sunday, May 17, 2009

lots of spruces

All these are European spruce, Picea abies, all are collected in the Alps. Now is the time to pluck new growth. If you have a couple hundred spruce your hands get very dirty. Well, it will go away until Christmas, I suppose.


Paul Landis said...

Walter--by "pluck" do you mean you are pinching back the new growth????

Walter Pall said...


yes 'pinching' is the better word. I don't pluck them out totally, I pinch them back with my fingers. Where the tree is strong (on top and on the end of branches) I pinch off tow thirds or more. Where the tree is medium strong (in the middle part of the crown and branches)I pinch off about half and where it is weak (In the lower part and inside the crown) I pinch only one third or nothing.


Paul Landis said...

Thanks Walter!!

Němec said...

Who is afraid his hands get dirty, then never get anything. :-))

Matthias Graf said...

Ever played handball?

Best thing to remove the resin (Harz) is baby oil (or any other oil, baby oil just is the best for a smooth skin after a long working day...).

Have a nice day