Sunday, May 31, 2009

new Scots pine

This is a collected Scots pine, Pinus sylvetris, that Marco Merschel has styled in the naturalistic style. I think he has done a great job. I received this tree recently in a trade. Of course, I have to do something to give it my own scent.
So I took off all the old wire and cut off lots of branches that were too long and superfluous. Then I started to wire again. Here the intermediate result . We are about half way through. Tomorrow the final result.


Anonymous said...

wow that one is huge! very nice but HUGE!

Anonymous said...

These two scots pine are very good.
But, according to me you'll have a hard work to do on the son truncs because thy are too stiff. You must give him some movements, a little bit like their father.
Great matérial.

amkhalid said...

I disagree with Stéphane... adjusting the secondary trunk probably isn't worth the risk and effort. It is very nice as it is - no need to bring out the big tools and insult its natural form. While the trunks may not mimic each other perfectly, there is still an interesting asymmetric harmony between them...

Sorry Walter, we are turning your blog into a bonsai forum :)