Sunday, May 31, 2009

mugo nr. 26 #2

Old bark was removed from dead parts. The deadwood was edited slightly, algae remover was applied onto the whole tree. Now the tree has to dry. I will wait for a couple of hot and dry days. Afterwards the deadwood will be treated with a wood hardener. When this has dried I will apply lime sulphur.
then the mugo will rest for at least a year. if it looks healthy in summer of 2010 the crown will be styled and the tree might be potted into a bonsai pot in spring of 2011. Or the whole thing will take place one year late. Or else. Such is bonsai life. It is certainly a long term thing.

For those who just don't see what is going on here: trust me, this is world class material. It will be a killer tree in a few years.

1 comment:

Paul Landis said...

That is a killer tree Walter.
I can certainly see the potential in that one!!!