Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a visit to the big larch with the ax

Just to see how it is doing. Good news: it grows like crazy.


Nils Arne said...

Hi Walter
When do you prune the new growt on your larches?

Walter Pall said...


But this is in my climate and you have to find the right time in your climate. Anyway,when the shoots look like on the image with the bird it's time to cut them back. Sometimes you can use your fingers, but usually they are already too hard and you have to cut them with scissors.
I cut now the upper half of the crown and leave all the long shoots on the lower half. In about four weeks I will cut the lower half, but not the lowest branches. There I leave the long shoots until October or sometimes even until next spring. So my larches look weird and untidy all summer long. but thus I have made sure to weaken the tree where it is strong and strengthen ti where it is weak. the lower branches will gain in girth and stay healthy.