Thursday, June 11, 2009

more collecting

And again Alex and me helped the farmers clearing their cow pastures. Around us they were busy to cut out little trees to make sure the pasture wold not become a forest. We found a few most outstanding spruce. Here is one which seems to have been the best of the whole lot. We planted it in pure Chabasai. Now we have to hope for humid weather in the next couple of weeks. In two years we will take another look at that tree.


Dave V. said...

Hello Walter, I see a lot of branching on the inner parts of the tree with no growth and most of the foliage on the outer area. Eventually one will want to reduce the existing branches and create more foliage on the inner branches. Do spruce bud back on old wood easily ?

Walter Pall said...


with modern styling we don't need this growth close to the trunk. The lower branches will get cut off, then the upper branches will be thinned out considerably. Then all the upper branches will be pulled down in a sharp angel one over the other. And the tree will look full of green. Don't worry. it's just not (yet) taught in gneral.
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