Monday, June 8, 2009

back from Salzburg

Besides the Rock Mountain Juniper and the Japanese maple that were already shown these two trees were also selected for the Salzburg exhibit. A Scots pine on tthe rocks, Pinus sylvetris and an ezo-spruce, Picea jezoensis also on the rocks.


Matija Triglav said...

Ezo is hot!!!

johnson said...

walter< forgive me if this is out of context. my question is how old where you when you first thought< hey i can put that tree in a pot. And when do u consider bonsai to become a obsession. What things do you put before your trees besides family and health? thank you
John Johnson

Shaukat Islam said...


This spruce on the rock is excellent! The rock container and the ground cover is really very good.

But I wonder why you have added the grass-like plantings on the two sides, which in my opinion, has disturbed the overall effect. The height of the 'grass' is too high.

Perhaps some very small plantings would have done perfect justice to this magnificent tree.

Of course, it's your tree and the choice of accent plants should be yours but can you pls make a virtual minus the grass or replacing it with some dwarf shrubs?
Just a thought if it is not much of a bother to you.


Walter Pall said...


you are right, the grass is too high and then there are too many sedum plants. There should be more moss. so why don't I correct it? Because bonsai for me is a game, like for a little boy. I plant all sort of things on my trees and it looks good. Then the things grow and it looks even better. then they grow more and it looks worse. then the organizers of the Salzburg exhibit come and absolutely want that tree. It is not ready for exhibit, was only styled exactly twelve months go. So they get it as is. For a 'serious' exhibit I wold cut back the grass, weed out the sedums and add moss. And maybe it would be boring.


Walter Pall said...


I was 35 years old when I bought my first bonsai. I decided ten years later that this should become my life. Nothing is more important than bonsai.


aquarius said...


Thanks for your nice explanation.

Would be looking forward to see this tree in the future for 'serious' exhibit as you have said (hope it will not be boring).