Sunday, June 28, 2009

larch develpopment

Larches bring new growth in about beginning of April in my region. Then after two weeks they will have the long shoots on many places. These I cut off four weeks later at the top and leave them at the bottom to strengthen the lower region of the tree. If the tree is very healthy (with my feeding and watering the are!) it will have a second flush of long shoots by end of June. This I leave on for three weeks or so and then cut it at the top and leave it at the bottom again. Then, at about the beginning of September or much later I will cut back everything. Only then will my larches look good again. But this is how they are developed well.


Jan Kana said...

Hello Mr. Pall
I use the same method for my larches in development. One day, when they will be ready, I would like to know, how to care them.
Watching your images, I can see, it is your stone ax larch, which is still in developement, but how do you care about your finished larches like nr.1 or nr.3? I cannot believe, that you apply your aggressive feeding on them. They looks healthy, but no new shoots ( would be unwanted in their stage) which is great.

Walter Pall said...


yes it's the larch with the stneax. I ahve no finished trees therefore I apply the same methods to all of them.
If you have finished ones you can slow down with feeding.
BTW: my larches are styled to look good without foliage. Now the look terrible.


tim said...

Walter ,
how short would you trim the new growth on larches ?

Walter Pall said...


where I don't want the branch to get longer I trim back much, like leaving a stump of 1 cm or a bit more. Where I want the branch to grow longer, I take off less, of course.


EnacheLucianAdrian said...

Hello Walter,

I was on my mountains here in Romania and i'ved find a small larch,very beautiful for me...i like this species.For one week it was standing in shade,now it has 2-3 hours of sun in the morning and on two weeks it will have full sun.I try to acomodate the tree from 1500-1600 m to 60m.Do you think it is ok to feed with solid organic fertilizer with 6-6-12 strong?

Thank you and i apreciate your work very much.
Best Regards...Lucian.

Walter Pall said...

Sure, no problem. Trees take all sorts of fertilizer. It is not important what exactly it is.