Saturday, June 6, 2009

collecting with Philipp nr. 7

This is a nice one for Philipp.


Bandi said...

Hello Walter,

Do you start modeling the spruces as soon as you got home and placed them in pots/containers, or do you wait a couple of years?


Walter Pall said...


you seem to not know that spruce are the kind of trees that take the longest to become a decent bonsai. It takes up to FIVE years before you can touch the collected trees. They are just left alone. Then it takes another ten to fifteen years before they look decent without wire.
The secret to succes with spruce is patience.


Anonymous said...


do you plant seeds to replace the ones you remove from nature.... protect your future, and ours and natures!


Walter Pall said...

Are you kidding? Can you read? The farmes almost pay us to get rid of these trees.
Certainly no seeds here.