Monday, June 1, 2009

Rocky Mountain Juniper coming nicely

This one suffered severely over winter. It is kind of strange that trees form the high Rocky Mountains which have the most adverse kind of climate should not be totally hardy in my garden. Well, after all these years I found they are not. They seem to suffer from sunshine onto their frozen foliage. So I will have to protect them well from sunshine next winter. This one lost about 50 % of its foliage. But as one can see it will still be OK.


Shaukat Islam said...

Yes, it is a good specimen! And will surely improve this year.

You said it has shed 50% of its leaves; but are European summers more intense the American?

And is the latitude of origin and yours much variable?


Walter Pall said...


my climate is much milder in winter and in summer than the natural habitat. Therefore they should have no problems her. Well, the don't except for those which stood in full sunshine in winter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,
I've thought that the RJMs in the mountains would be covered in deep snow throughout the winter. This would keep them from the very cold and dry winds and from direct sunlight. I have wondered whether these trees are really as cold hardy as many people have written.
What are your thoughts?

Walt R

Walter Pall said...


I was thinking of exactly this. This is my only expalnation. Anyway,I will keep them outside, but I will certainly protect them from sun.