Monday, June 8, 2009

Philipp and the literati Scots pine

collected Scots pine, refurbished by Philipp


Anonymous said...

hi i repoted a scots pine in march it has started to brown on the end of needles can i stop this . will the needles go green again or just drop off . and i weird it as well what could be the problem any tips meny thank

Walter Pall said...

thsi does not sound good. Well, why do you repot in March? This is about six to eight weeks too early. I repot in end of April/beginning of May. No wonder your pine did not like it. The overwehlming majority of folks repot too early. It is much better to repot much later, when the buds are already showing very much life and are almost staring to stretch.
And then they underwater the tres afterwards. Some silly remarks in books tell you to not water much a recently repotted tree. This only applies to old-fashioned soil. With modern substrate you HAVE to water a recently repotted tree very often and very much.