Tuesday, June 30, 2009

spruce refined and happy

I start to be happy with this one too. It is getting ready to be exhibited now.

European spruce, Picea abies, 70 cm high. around 100 years old, pot Chinese, collected in Austria in 1995

The second image is a virtual. I my want to go back and try to accomplish this on the real thing.


Matt Williams said...

Dear Walter

I like this tree very much. There is a great deal of visiual stability to it even though it leans at such an angle.
I can see how the slight edit to the upper right part of the canopy helps the ballance of the tree. I hope that it is not too bold to say so but I think shortening the second branch as you propose would solve one visual problem but create another: the foliage it will be left supporting is very slight. If you were to make such an edit would youalso bring the overlying foliage down to obscure the bare supporting branch?

I hope it causes no offence for the novice to make a suggestion to the master in this case.


Walter Pall said...


your comments are fine. I will consider it. I do this in a playful manner. We'll see.