Wednesday, June 17, 2009

poll finished

Well, the results speak for themselves. Click on to the image if you want to see it larger.
So we agree that we cannot take this for all too serious. Well, what exactly could we take for serious?


Ana said...

Be it as gauche and faux pas as anyone dares call it, a vote is a vote is a vote is avote...

And this is one darn nice Blog to read.

Cheers! (once and counting)

Anonymous said...

Wow you are the first, before Naka himself.

Don't worry about that, we like your job and trees.

achim said...

why are there only 84 votes at all ?
i thought bonsainut was a big community...

Walter Pall said...


thee are a lot more than 87 folks at Bonsanut but the rest did not bother to vote. Don't ask me why.


Wolfgang said...

"Well, what exactly could we take for serious?"

Good question! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I was one that did not vote in this poll. For one I don't think any one person is the best, although W. Pall is one of my favorites, they are different. Second, there were too many good artists that were not in the poll.
So, I did not take the poll serious at all but was just a little curious as to the result.

Walt r

Shaukat Islam said...


You have rightly said earlier that good names were missing in the list.
Congrats all the same for topping the list.

A poll of this kind can never give a true picture. Even in this list there were few names who got very few votes.

Anyway, the results were interesting but voting for, say, 5 favorites from the list would have been more meaningful.