Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another RMJ

Now this is the second Rocky Mountain Juniper, Juniperus scopulorum, that has suffered over winter and lost about 50 % of its foliage. But it is still OK. Philipp helped me preparing it. He is painting everything with algea/moss remover.


Bandi said...

Hello Walter,

Is there any commercial algea/moss remover out there, or do you just use some kind of home-made mix?


strikewolf said...

Hello Walter

Two questions for you this time.

The first is the same as the other comment regarding the moss remover.

The second is regarding blogspot itself. I am using it for my everyday bonsai exsperiences, but i find the application somewhat hard to use. The upload of images and positioning of them are quite awkward at times.

Beeing an active blogger do you use some other software for the blog-job?

Nils Arne said...

Kaizen Bonsai got this product:

Haven't tried it my self as it is no problems with algea up here in Norway.

Walter Pall said...

There are a few commercial products sold in Europe and also in America as algae/moss-remover. I am not sure whether thees are basically the same chemically. Anyway, they all have statements in their description like 'don't get onto your skin, keep away from animals, keep away from live plants other that moss or algae, etc.'
I believe that these can be used to paint large pieces of deadwood safely as long as you don't get any of the stuff onto live parts of your bonsai. I did this and it worked.
I have had lengthy discussions with a man who produces this stuff. The question was ' is there something that removes algae and moss and does no or very little harm to live parts of the trees'. The answer is yes, but it is clearly more expensive than the regular stuff. i purchased30 liters of the expensive stuff and have tried it extensively. I now paint every tree that comes to sit on my workbench. I paint all over the deadwood, the bark, the nebari, the branches, the branchlets. I try to avoid putting onto foliage or needles but very often I still do. Result: Algae and moss disappear totally after a few days and so far I have not problems with anything dying because of the treatment. I do this since more than a year now and I do it on ALL trees. meaning, I paint all my famous trees with this all over. And it works very well.
Many folks are interested and want it so I sell a couple bottles here and there. A bottle of the size of a coca cola bottle would cost 5 Euros, or 7.50 'US$. but I don't really do this commercially. I only do this to help folks.

Walter Pall said...


I have no problems with my blog and I don't use an extra software. i use Firefox or opera as browser and it works perfectly.
It did take some time for me to figure out how to place images if I have a larger number. But since i do this every day now it is not a problem anymore.


Rab István said...

God job :)

TpaBayFlyFisher said...

Is there a name for the "good" moss preventer so that I can search for it here in the USA?

Walter Pall said...

Sorry, there is probably no name for it. There is not really a marktet other than the bonsai folks and maybe a few others. I found it very difficult to even find the straight forward stuff in garden centers in America.
Jim Doyle is trying to find it since months for our collected trees at Natures Way Nursery. Here in Europe you find several brands in any garden center. But not the 'good' stuff at all.


Anonymous said...

There is a very effective product available from Kaizen Bonsai (, this claims to use "latest advances in micro surface technology our product harnesses the power of sunlight to lift algae away from the supporting surface". I'm not sure if this is similar to that which Walter is using but I have found it very effective and it has not caused harm to any of my trees (I do not use the sprayer but a brush so as not to splash exess onto the substrate... but I have had some drip down to the roots without causing detectable harm on my shohin).