Friday, June 12, 2009

poll on Bonsai Nut

At the Bonsai Nut Forum there is a public poll under 'General Discussion'. the results are interesting. You have to click onto the image to really see it. Well, very flattering, of course. But one must not take this for very serious. There are a few names on that list which don't belong there and then about a dozen names are missing. But, anyway, an interesting trend here.
Everyone can vote if you just register at the site without any pain.


Igorilla said...

Not so bad, Walter! I figured out, that you seem to be even more favoured than John Naka ... *smile*. That´s a good opportunity to gamble with my friends about it. 10 bucks on ... *peeeep* ... >CENSORED< ;)

Very simpatico topic!


Anonymous said...

I find it kinda difficult to vote just one person without geting the feeling that I acted unfair for others. Not to mention the missing names on that list. So, I'd put my money on what mr. Pall says: "one must not take this for very serious" :)

amkhalid said...

Hi, I made the poll, and yes, obviously don't take it very seriously.

Walter has dominated the internet-bonsai scene for a long time, and his contributions online (blog, forums, website) are unrivaled.

No surprise therefore that he is dominating the web-based poll. Not that it is not well deserved!

Of course some names would be left out, and of course the list is biased towards N. American artists since I am from N. America and am not as familiar with the bulk of Euro artists.

Furthermore, the poll is limited to 20 options, so what can I do?

It was fun though and interesting :)

Aaron Khalid said...

p.s. Walter you know I think you are awesome, but I had to vote for my North American counterpart Nick Lenz! No hard feelings :)

Walter Pall said...


I knew you would. It is certainly OK, well desrved for Nick.


Igorilla said...

@ Valentin:
Ah, c´mon ... boooring! ;-)

I would give my bucks for Marc Noelander, which (I´m really wondering) ... isn´t nominated.

@ Aaron:
It wouldn´t be bad, to list this names as well:

1) Marc
2) Pius Notter (shmae on you for not mentioning ;)
Euro-bonsai-dinosaur # 1
3) Auer Othmar
4) Kevin Willson
5) Carlos van der Vaart
6) Jürgen Zaar
7) Jörg Derlien
8) Christian Przybilsky
9) Roman Bona
10) Michael Wilhelm
11) Mauro Stemberger
12) Salvatore Liporace
13) Serge Clemence
14) Jürg Rufer
15) Chris Mathys
16) Danny Use

Oh man, I can´t stop counting and I still didn´t list a quarter of them.

Your idea is really great, Aaron, respect :)

Anonymous said...

For me personally it comes down to the fact that Walter creates bonsai that look like TREES.