Sunday, August 26, 2007

late summer meeting 2007 - part 1

Every year on the last Saturday in August my wife Hanna and I invite the bonsi world to a party in my garden. This is like an open house, but it is not a commercial event, since I do not have much to sell. To the surprise of so many I am an amateur who enjoys the luxury to entertain a collection of more than 500 quality bonsai which are NOT for sale. On these events the wole bonsai world is invited to come and be happy with us. During the whole day somethig is going on, often in parallel. This time I held tree inspirations (tree critiquese ) all day long. Uli Ernst stlyed one of my mugo pins on the side. David brought a big collected spruce to the next level.
Way more than 300 folks came. From all parts of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and more, one flew in from Frnace and one even from Canada. Most stayed several hours, some more than a day. One had the impression this was the who is who in the European bonsai world.
This is great fun, also for me. For my wife it is hard work, but she somehow seems to enjoy it to be in the epicentre ofthe western bonsai world for one day at the end of August.
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Here some glimpses: